Plants are at the core of my lifestyle as I believe, in order to live a healthy life, everything we need exists in the plant world.

My background is Head and Principal Tutor of a world renowned cuisine school responsible for recipe development, training chefs, writing courses, public speaking and food photography. I am currently studying nutritional medicine, follow a plant based diet and practice living a chemical free lifestyle.

In my late teenage years I decided I didn't want to eat animals and chose to live a cruelty free plant based life. Eating out was near impossible, but back in the early 1970's it was even more challenging to find cruelty free skincare products. Organic, as a concept, didn't exist. It was then that my fascination with skincare recipe development began. As we now live in a more chemical/toxic world, it is my view, that a plant based lifestyle needs to be organic too.. So, 40 years later, in 2017 my organic plant based (vegan) skincare range was born.

I live and work in the Peak District National Park (the first ever UK National Park created in 1951) and it is a daily pleasure to experience the crisp fresh air, wide open spaces, higher altitude, panoramic views and the abundance of wild flowers everywhere. Looking after our skin in higher climates is important but everyday life, wherever you live, affects your skin - central heating, stress, dehydration, nutrient poor foods and so on. So my skincare range is suited to protecting and nourishing all skin types. 

The joy of working with beautiful organic flower and plant oils is a gift given by nature. You too can experience nature's beauty when using Taylormay Botanicals range of products.