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At Taylormay Botanicals we are inspired by the essence of plants and flowers and how their precious organic oils can enrich us.

Made in small batches and crafted by hand in the heart of the Peak District National Park, each batch has a unique number, date and signature of the creator. We use the finest Certified organic and wild harvested oils to be found anywhere in the world. This organic Certification ensures the ingredients we use are produced to the highest possible ethical and environmental standards.


Face Cream
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Beauty Balm
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About the Creator


Christine has a background in recipe development, nutritional medicine, food photography and running an inspirational, world renowned cookery school. 

Plants are hugely important in every aspect of her daily life and she advocates the importance of using healthy organic plant oils, both as a food and on our skin. Designing a range of organic nourishing skincare products made from the oils of beautiful flowers, plants and precious resins encompasses this philosophy.

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Our philosophy

We believe while feeding the skin we nourish the soul

We believe botanicals provide us with all we need to create exquisite skincare products

We believe our bond with the botanical world is life itself

We believe in being friends with the land

We believe ' less is more' applies to skincare too

We believe in testing our products on ourselves

We believe absorbing organic plant oils inside and out enriches us

We believe pure water is life to all living things including us

We believe having deep respect for plants, the land and nature nourishes us

We believe in skincare being made carefully by hand in small batches


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Coming soon - The mysteries of 'the oil cleansing method' explained and 'the importance of drinking water' for good skincare